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People in Cafe Restaurant Flat Vector Illustration Stock Vector -  Illustration of eating, breakfast: 152223147

Café worker: Next, please! What would you like?
Ani: Can I have a pizza, please?
Café worker: A chicken pizza or a seafood pizza?
Ani: A seafood pizza , please.
Café worker: Anything else?
Ani: Yeah, I’d like an ice cream.
Café worker: Vanilla or strawberry ice cream?
Ani: I would like strawberry ice cream, please.
Café worker: Would you like a drink?
Ani: Yes, can I have a coffee, please?
Café worker: OK, so that’s seafood pizza,strawberry ice cream and coffee. What’s your table number?
Ani: Table 10. How much is that?
Café worker; 6000(six thousand Armenian Drams)
Ani;  Here you are.
Café worker; Thank you goodbey

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